Adrenal Insufficiency Clients

If you are interested in complementing your regular care for Adrenal Insufficiency and managing your illness and symptoms in a holistic manner, Lisa, also an Adrenal Insufficiency patient, will help you plan your strategy.  Based on her book, "Living with All Forms of Adrenal Insufficiency," you will get one week of personal service to personalize the plan for you and your situation.

In order to be a client for this, you must first purchase the book, and then send an appointment request along with payment of $75.00 using PayPal.

Lisa looks forward to working with you - Adrenal Insufficiency and other endocrine issues are very important and near and dear to her!

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Purchase the book

you must purchase the book, as it is the text your plan is based around.  Purchase book here.

Lisa Baker Wellness Coach • Topeka Kansas